Shared Branching: The system behind the solution.

Through UsNet, credit unions of all sizes can tap into the collective power of the credit union movement. Credit unions can participate in the CO-OP Shared Branch network in two ways:


  • An Acquirer is a credit union that processes transactions for other credit unions' members, as well as its own. Acquirers increase their walk-in traffic, optimize their branches' resources and realize greater revenue through the collection of fees from walk-in members' home credit unions, or Issuers.


  • An Issuer is a credit union whose members can transact business at any other credit union in the network; in essence, an Issuer is a member's home credit union. Issuers are able to extend their service range without building a single facility, improve their service to existing members and attract new members with the added convenience and flexibility of UsNet.

Acquirers also participate as issuers, and an Issuer can become an Acquirer at any time.

acquirer issuer

How the Shared Branch network works

When a member requests a transaction at an Acquirer credit union, the Acquirer sends a verification request to the Issuer, or home credit union; the Issuer responds instantly with the member's personal and account information. Once the Acquirer verifies the member information, the member can access his or her accounts and proceed with transactions.


  • Issuer
    • Issuers pay a per-member fee of $2.10 or more, depending on the transaction(s).
    • The monthly connectivity fee can go up to $450 per month, depending on your provider.
  • Acquirer
    • Acquirers receive a $1.30 per member verification fee, plus 100% of transaction fees.
    • The monthly support fee is $100, which entitles the Acquirer to:
      • Operational Support
      • Marketing Materials
      • Training
      • Data Analysis
        • Member Usage
        • Member Penetration
      • Dispute-Resolution Assistance

Are you ready to be part of the CO-OP Shared Branch network?

CO OPSharedBranchSmallSimply complete CO-OP's Shared Branch Questionnaire and Price-Quotation Worksheet (PQW). UsNet will return the completed form to CO-OP for certification, which takes roughly 6-8 weeks. Once certification is complete, UsNet will then test the system and provide staff training before your shared branching goes live.

To signal your participation in the shared branching network, just display the distinctive CO-OP Shared Branch logo in your credit union.